Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve game.  They love to carry things, toys, shoes, cushions, in fact anything they can find.

If you are interested in nurturing this ability in your Golden and doing some basic Gundog training, many clubs all over the country run classes for all abilities during the summer months.   Before attending training classes it’s a good idea to have your dog walking nicely at heel, understanding ‘sit’ and have an established recall.   

Working tests are run by Gundog Clubs, they work on dummies and do not involve live game.  There are tests for all abilities, puppy tests, novice dog novice handler, these can be a lot of fun for everyone.  Retrievers are assessed on their game finding ability, speed of pick up and returns.  They also have to be seen to mark, have drive and be under quiet control.   

Field trials resemble as closely as possible a shoot day, and dogs will work on freshly shot pheasant and partridge.  As with working tests, the dogs are tested on game finding, speed and style, drive and control.   

The Kennel Club has lots of information available to download. You can locate a club in your area by clicking here:

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