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NWGRC Chairman/Show Manager Mrs. Ann Whitby and the committee are looking forward to extending a warm welcome to all exhibitors, their dogs and supporters at our Championship Show on Sunday, April 9th.

The deadline for postal entries is Wednesday, March 15th. The deadline for online online entries has been extended until midnight on Sunday, March 26th.

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Thank you to everyone who attended the 2021 Championship Show and we’re delighted to share the judges’ critiques for dogs (Mary Neil) and bitches (Teresa Foreman).

DOGS (judge: Mary Neil)

I am sure I can speak for my fellow judge Teresa Foreman when I say that this show had a super atmosphere with many happy faces and a lovely Christmas feel to it. None of this would have been possible without a hard working committee, super stewards, very sporting exhibitors, and some cracking dogs to judge.

It is my opinion that, at this moment in time, on the whole dog quality is slightly overshadowed by the depth of the bitch quality which may in time lead to some challenging breeding decisions. Notwithstanding this fact today I had many super dogs before me and in several classes I was agonising over decisions and I know on another occasion the results would be reversed. However, I judge for today and I was delighted with my final line-up.

Veteran 7(1)

1.           Mrs M C Loverock                       Sh Ch Thornywait Crackerjack At Lovissa.

Very worthy Champion. Presented, as always from this kennel, in super coat and overall condition. He stands four-square on well boned limbs and presents a balanced picture. He has a masculine head with super pigmentation, correct eye colour and shape and good width and depth to his muzzle. His shoulders have the correct angulation allowing his front feet to stand well under his body. He has depth to his chest and is short in his couplings. His topline was strong both static and whilst on the move and his tail is carried straight off his back. He has super well-muscled rear quarters with strong second thigh and short neat rear pasterns. His movement is sound although I would prefer slightly more reach and drive.

2.           Mr J & Mrs C Wright                  Palton Panetela

Similar remarks apply to this smaller framed boy. Just loved his overall type, shape, and attitude. Presented today in excellent lush dark coat and in superb condition throughout. He has a lovely, kindly head with that soft soulful eye I love. He has a very eye-catching shape with reach of neck sweeping on to a dead level topline and set on of tail. Not the forehand of 1. He also stands four square on neat, well boned feet. He has depth through the heart and is short in his couplings. His hind quarters have width and correct turn of stifle and are well muscled and his rear pasterns are well let down. His movement is sound and effortless, and he was enjoying his day.

3.           Mr W & Mrs S Biddulph           Dibblesdae The Magic Goes On

Minor Puppy 6(1)

1.           D Haines                                          Leighsham Tullamore

This young lad has previously done well, and I can understand why. He presents a balanced picture with front and rear angulation being in symmetry. I loved his head with dark eye, good pigmentation, correct depth and width to his muzzle and soft expression. He has super front construction with forehand and layback allowing his feet to stand naturally well under his body. He has a strong topline despite today’s illusion caused by the start of a coat change creating a balder patch in the middle of his topline. His hind quarters were very much in balance with his front with correct angulation, well let down hocks and well-muscled second thigh. His movement was sound with reach in front and correct parallel drive behind.

2.           Mrs G Munro                                Alibren Ready Teddy

Delightful pale coated just 6 months old baby who pushed 1 extremely hard for this class. He was out to enjoy his day and gave his handler a challenging time but what glimpses he allowed me to see in between his bouts of fidgeting there was no denying that this puppy really is an exciting prospect. What a cracking head he has with such a gentle, soft expression and the darkest eyes and pigment. Super reach of neck on to well laid-back shoulder placement and super forehand. Well off for bone and neat feet. Strong level topline and set on of tail. His stifle needs to develop but this will come with maturity. Short neat rear pasterns. When settled he can move beautifully with super footfall with that hint of puppy naughtiness. Patiently handled.

3.           Mr J Bolano                                   Daily Rays Trust Your Heart

Puppy 7(2)

Frustrating class as 2 exhibits were slightly unsound.

1.           D Haines                                          Leighsham Tullamore

2.           Mr G Salter                                     Rathcloon Safe and Sound

Large framed pale coated puppy who for true balance I would prefer slightly more length of leg. I loved his head with such a soft, gentle expression, super dark pigmentation, and kind dark eye. He was presented in super coat but please do not allow him to put on too much weight. Good front assembly, well off for bone and standing on neat feet. Super topline and perfect set on of tail. Well-muscled hind quarters. Moved soundly around the ring and well handled by his novice owner.

3.           Mrs K Wallis                                  Lamancha Roll On Good Times

Junior 14(5)

Wow what a class. My first three were outstanding which bodes well for the future.

1.           Ms K & Miss K  Kelly   Ramchaine You Spin Me Right Round In Zenevieva IKC

What a star for the future. No dog is perfect, but some have virtues that by far outweigh any imperfections. Such clean lines with balance, substance, such correct angles topped off by exemplary driving movement. From his first entrance to the ring and the initial run around he commanded attention and was handled to perfection and advantage. He was turned out today in gleaming mid golden coat, trimmed sparingly allowing his stunning shape to show itself off. His proportions are so balanced. His head has such a soft and gentle expression with super eye shape, colour, and pigmentation. He flows from his neck onto a dead level topline with perfect set on of tail. He has ample bone, neat feet, good depth to his chest and short couplings. His hind quarters were so symmetrical to his fore quarters, with well-muscled thighs and neat short well let down rear pasterns. His movement was so effortless with ground covering strides and so true going and in profile carrying his tail level with his strong topline. A joy to judge and it was with no hesitation I awarded him the reserve CC and with my co-judges’ agreement reserve BIS.

2.           Ms K Savage                   Weisford Guilty As Sin

If only I was able to award 2 reserve CC’s! What a cracking dog and came so close to being my class winner. He was presented today in superb mid Golden coat and in hard musculature condition. I know this exhibit works her dogs and I suspect this youngster has been out a few times. He just shouts breed type from the top of his masculine, intelligent head to the tip of his tail. Loved his balance and symmetry with every component of his construction flowing correctly into the next. He moved as soundly as his construction predicted with lovely footfall from reach in front and drive from his well-muscled rear quarters. I will watch this youngster with interest, and I am sure he has a very bright future.

3.           Mrs A E Smyth                              Kadaka Kauldron        

Yearling 8(2, 2w/d)

1.           Ms K Savage                                  Weisford Guilty As Sin

2.           S A Loach & S Zubair                  Putjade Push The Button

Another lovely boy from this kennel. Mid Golden youngster who again screams breed type and has a happy, confident disposition. Balanced from all angles and stands four square on well boned limbs and the neatest of cat like feet. His head is masculine, so kind with those laughing eyes I just love with super pigmentation. I preferred 1’s slightly longer reach of neck. However, he has super forehand and layback of shoulder, good depth to his chest with tight elbows. His couplings were short and strong and his topline dead level. Another with well-muscled hind quarters and short rear pasterns. He covered the ground with ease with economic strides and was true both fore and aft.

3.           Mr N Perkovic                              Lady Sue Diy (Imp Hrv)

Maiden 6(2)

1.           Mrs A E Smyth                              Kadaka Kauldron

This super youngster was 3rd in the exciting Junior class. Again, I really appreciated his clean lines presenting such a balanced outline. There is nothing exaggerated on this youngster as each component fits beautifully into the next. His head is masculine with plenty of width to his skull, and well set on ears. I would prefer him to have a darker eye. However, he possesses a kind expression with that look of a real will to please. His front assembly places his front legs well under his body. His straight limbs are well boned, and he has super neat feet. His topline was strong and level and his tail just flowed off his back. He was short and strong in his couplings and his hind quarters matched his fore with well-muscled 2nd thigh and neat well let down rear pasterns. His movement was true and economical. Another to watch with interest.

2.           D Haines                                          Leighsham Tullamore

3.           Mr G Salter                                     Rathcloon Safe and Sound

Novice 9 (1, 2 w/d)

1.           Mrs A E Smyth                              Kadaka Kauldron

2.           D Haines                                          Leighsham Tullamore

3.           Mr G Salter                                     Rathcloon Safe and Sound

Undergraduate 7(1,2wd)

1.           Mrs V M Grindey                         Bowshella Gilded Diamond At Bramstead

Smart young dog of a pleasing type. Handled quietly and professionally by his young handler to advantage. He was presented in lovely condition with his dark coat gleaming. His head is pleasant with a soft expression, dark pigmentation, and a kind eye. He has ample bone, but his feet are slightly flat. His forequarters are well angled with good forehand and layback. He flows from neck to topline and his tail set is perfect. His hindquarters are balanced with his forequarters. He moved out with lengthy strides and was true and straight.

2.           Mr M F & Mrs D Rose                Whetu Magical Major

Smaller framed darker coated dog of a pleasing type. I feel more neck trimming would enhance his shape as excess coat made him look slightly stuffy. He has a super head with a kind, masculine expression enhanced with dark pigmentation. His topline was level and tail set came straight off his back. He is balanced in his angles and stands four square on well boned limbs and neat feet. He moved well although his tail carriage is slightly proud.

3.           Mrs H, Mr M & Miss L S Johnson        Palton Party Dude At Niallgold

Graduate 10(1)

1.           Mrs C Haxton                                Dantassie Double Take

Won this class on his clean overall balance, breed type and his positive movement. This dog still has a bit of maturing to do but his qualities cannot be denied. He is not exaggerated in any way and just looks right whether stacked or free stood. He has a soft expression on his masculine head with dark eyes and good pigmentation. His neck flows on to his super front assembly with well angled forehand and super layback of shoulder. He was tight at the elbow and stands on good bone and neat cat like feet. His topline was held firm both static and on the move. His hindquarters were in complete symmetry with his forequarters giving a balanced outline. He was in super hard musculature condition throughout, and he moved with economic, ground covering strides carrying his tail off his back. Handled well.

2.           Mr T B & Mrs L G Smith            Thornywait Iluminati At Goldmarker.

On first entering the ring I thought he would be my class winner. Static he presents a picture of complete balance and oozes breed type and quality. He was in superb coat and condition and stands on well boned limbs with super cat like feet. He has a masculine head, although I preferred the softer expression of 1. His pigmentation was good. His neck flows beautifully into a textbook front assembly with super forehand and correct layback. His topline was strong and he had short couplings. I loved his balance of hind quarters with turn of stifle, short, neat pasterns and strong well-muscled second thigh. His movement was a bit messy going away and I preferred the positive overall movement of 1. He gave his handler a tough time and took a while to settle.

3.           Mrs P & Mr S O’Gorman          Berrymead Moscow Mule

Post Graduate 18(3, 1 w/d)

Super class headed by two remarkably similar boys. Both ooze quality and breed type and I was being fussy separating them.

1.           Towers, Henderson & Bolano              Grey Goose November Rain (Imp Esp)

My notes say compact, balanced dog of a super type and quality. Presented today with his mid Golden coat with the darker topcoat and blonde undercoat in fabulous condition. His head is stunning with that softness I just love with dark eyes that just melt your heart and super pigmentation. He has correct width of skull and depth of muzzle. His unexaggerated construction is so balanced with his front assembly matching his hind perfectly and no component jarring the eye! He is a dog that is easy to go over as your hands are not looking for anything as it is all there in the correct place. Super confident movement with sound steady strides and perfect tail carriage. Quietly handled.

2.           Mrs M I Woods                            Daily Rays Hope Of Heart To Amirene

Another boy with an unexaggerated, balanced construction that just fills the eye. In super mid golden full coat and in fantastic condition. He stands four square showing off his short coupled construction and super balance. His head, like 1, is soft and so appealing with dark eyes and the kindest expression. He has plenty of bone and carries the correct amount of weight. He has depth through the heart, good spring of rib and strong short couplings. His hindquarters have width and strength, and his rear pasterns are well let down. He has a super topline held strong both static and on the move. His movement is positive with easy on the eye strides covering the ground with ease. He carries his tail slightly proud, but this was a small thing compared to his many virtues.

3.           Mrs P Wilkinson           Pajula’s Little Drummer Boy

Mid Limit (1)

1.           Mr G & Mrs L Kipps     Cadwst Flash Flame To Wheatcroft

Every now and then a dog or bitch comes along that we instinctively know is going to make a significant impact on our breed. To me this is one such dog. He has the construction, the movement, and the all-important showmanship to take him to the top.

Pale coated larger framed dog who today presented such a balanced outline. His head was masculine but had that gentle expression I love with jet black pigmentation, correct shape eyes, good width to his skull and correct depth and length to his muzzle. Nothing is exaggerated with this young dog and his proportions are so correct and balanced. Nothing jars your eye as each component flows perfectly on to the next and it is difficult to fault this dog. His movement backed up what my hands felt and his ease of stride with exceptional reach and drive meant that he covered the ring with such ease to the eye. It was my utter pleasure to award him this class, his first CC and on the decision of the referee Mrs Val Foss BIS.

2.           Mrs M C Loverock        Putjade Peaky Blinder At Lovissa

Smaller framed, compact dark coated boy who deserved his place today. He was presented in top notch condition. He too has a gentle head with a lovely soft expression, dark pigmentation, correct eye shape, plenty of breadth to his skull, good chiselling and correct width and length of his muzzle. He stands on good bone and his feet were very neat and cat like. His forehand and layback assembly allow his front limbs to stand well under him. He has a good spring of rib and is short in his couplings. His rear quarters match his front assembly with good turn of stifle and well let down neat rear pasterns. He moved soundly.

3.           Mrs P & Mr S O’Gorman          Berrymeade Grand Central JW           

Limit 10 (3)

1.           Mrs S Towers & Mrs M Henderson    Alibren Galileo To Westervane JW SGWC

This soundly constructed boy is a great favourite of mine and has developed into such an honest dog. He is a consistent winner and today was considered for top honours but sadly he just lacked the joie de vivre of some of his counterparts. He has a gentle, masculine head with an intelligent expression, super pigmentation, and correct eye shape. His construction is so balanced with front assembly matching his hind assembly. His topline is solid both static and whilst moving and his tail carriage is straight off his back. He was in super condition and just coming back into full bloom. Patiently handled.

2.           Ms B Angell                    Millanza Toy Story

Another super boy presented today in profuse pale coat and in stonking overall condition. He has such a gentle head with a melting expression. His eyes were dark of the correct shape and his skull had width with correct ear placement. He presents such a balanced outline with super front assembly with good layback of shoulder, dead level topline and perfect set on of his tail, short in his couplings, super spring of rib and good depth through the heart. He has super cat like feet and stands on well boned limbs. His hindquarters were well muscled with a good width and strong second thigh. He has short well let down rear pasterns. This boy is a joy on the move and his enthusiasm and willingness to please his handler is evident. His crown will come soon.

3.           Mrs I Frater      Sandaula Kilts N’Ceilidhs (AI)

Open 13 (5)

What an honour to judge a class brimming with quality with many of the UK’s best Golden males standing before me. The first four are all worthy of a title and it was minor preferences that allowed me to place them in this order.

1.           Mrs V Giltsoff                 Sh Ch Endellion Spinnaker

My notes say, ‘stunning example of a mature boy in his prime and looking every inch the champion, he so rightly is.’ He epitomises breed type and is brimming with quality. He has a lovely head, masculine without being course with a soft, gentle expression. His front angulation is textbook with super forehand and layback of shoulder. His neck flows on to his level topline and he has ample heart room and depth of chest. His limbs are straight with good bone and super feet. He is short coupled and has well-muscled hindquarters with good width to his second thigh and short hind pasterns. This boy always appears to enjoy playing to the crowd and giving his handler a tough time but once settled he shows his sound movement with super length to his strides with plenty of drive to cover the ground.

2.           Mrs L Wedge                  Sh Ch Riverscharm Mr McGregor JW

Another favourite of mine and a very worthy Champion. I have long admired this dog for his good honest breed type and his showmanship and quality. I was so chuffed to have the privilege of judging him today and he lived up to my expectations. Again, he epitomises what a mature Golden male should look like. Super head with that hint of grey muzzle starting to show on his kind gentle expression. His conformation is top drawer with a super front assembly allowing his legs to support his frame well under his body. He is well off for bone and substance and stands on neat feet. He has adequate heart room with a good spring of rib and tight elbows. His couplings are short and strong and his topline is held firm both static and whilst moving. He has a good turn of stifle and well-muscled hindquarters allowing him to move with easy paces and perfect footfall. He has a lovely confident attitude and was shown to perfection.

3.           Miss S Grainger             Amilone Flintstone

BITCHES (judge: Teresa Foreman)

A big thank you to the committee of the NWGRC for inviting me to judge at their wonderful Christmas Championship Show.  Thank you also for my beautiful gift.  In these somewhat difficult and changing times they must have worked so hard to provide for us all such a great show with such a lovely atmosphere.  Thank you to my hard working stewards Lynn and John who were under time pressure and both did a great job.  Last but definitely not least a huge thank you to all the exhibitors who entered under me.  I was delighted with my entry and thoroughly spoilt for choice.  I genuinely had to make some very difficult decisions which sadly meant I had to watch some beautiful bitches either placed down the line or even worse walk out of the ring.  I found quite a range of different types, a few level bites but overall there was a good depth of quality and temperaments were exemplary.    Please find my critique for my first and second place winners.


This was a lovely class of our more mature ladies who defied the laws of nature and all looked and acted much younger than their years.  If I had not been wearing my mask you would have seen a permanent smile on my face….

1st           Turner Grain Of Golds Arwen Of Amilone (Imp Swe) – this lovely veteran was just shy of 9 years old and was the best mover in the class – not only for accuracy and drive but also enthusiasm and purpose.  Beautifully constructed with great front and rear angulation,  level topline, excellent reach of neck with the kindest of heads.  BEST VETERAN BITCH and with the full agreement of my co judge BEST VETERAN IN SHOW.

2nd          Hill & Smith Mergarvey Maliboo JW – very joyful girl thoroughly enjoying her time in the ring.  She moved with such energy and when standing presented a lovely balanced outline, with lovely tight feet and the prettiest of heads. 

3rd          O’Gorman Ch Rathcloon Hunter In Pink For Berrymeade JD (IKC)


This was an overwhelmingly beautiful class.  Sadly really nice puppies left the ring unplaced.  On my first look around the class I knew I was going to be spoilt for choice.  There really was very little to choose between my first three places all very similar, very even in type, construction and balance

1st           Cruttwell & Carter Ashbyglen Enchantee – for me on the day this young lady tipped the balance – loved her overall construction and balance.  She presented a beautiful outline standing which she also maintained on the move BEST PUPPY BITCH and with my co judges agreement BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.

2nd          Foster Eau My Gold VD Corner Brook For Auristela (Imp Nld) – lovely young bitch – beautifully constructed and balanced – very similar comments as above apply.  She never put a foot wrong she showed and moved beautifully for her expert handler – unlucky to meet my first place winner today.  Loved her.

3rd          Maddison Jaymardy Sweet Caroline.


1st           Cruttwell & Carter Ashbyglen Enchantee

2nd          Foster Eau My Gold VD Corner Brook For Auristela (Imp Nld)

3rd          Pounds Longhurst Mossburn Golly Miss Molly


This was a mixed class of type and stages of development

1st           Zubair Thornywait I Spy (AI) – very attractive bitch with lovely clean lines.  Stood out for her beautiful head with dark eye, good reach of neck and balanced body.  I liked her very much and I kept being drawn back to her in the challenge one to watch with great interest

2nd          Nelson & Ashton Willowlawn Staycation At Cadwst – more elegant rangier bitch with nice outline – presenting a good length of neck into level topline, sweet head and expression – moved with accuracy and drive.

3rd          Ward Smith Tamniarn All About Millie


Another class of very mixed types and development

1st           McNeish Drumkilty Toodle Pip – this young lady was giving her young handler a bit of a challenge today – but when they were both in sync she looked lovely and was my clear winner.  Heavier built but beautifully constructed.  When she did have her four feet in the right place and settled she presented a lovely outline and she moved with precision and drive.

2nd          Bradley Ceilcaesar Ben Avon – really liked this young bitch – for me she is just not quite there yet – which I wouldn’t expect for her age so this is not a criticism – I just feel she needs a little more time to develop into her full potential.  I will watch her with interest.

3rd          Clarkson Drumkilty Sassenach


1st           Foster Eau My Gold VD Corner Brook For Auristela (Imp Nld)

2nd          Maddison Jaymardy Sweet Caroline – this young lady was 3rd in my lovely Minor Puppy Bitch Class – really lovely baby who must have a great future ahead of her.  This was her first show today and she performed like a star – great construction and balance with equally great movement.


1st           Loverock Lovissa Russian Roulette – quality bitch – very balanced body with everything in the right place and complimented with a lovely head and kind expression.  Impeccably presented and moved beautifully.

2nd          Smith Rocamoka Funky Business – very pretty bitch with gleaming dark gold coat- freestood and presenting a lovely outline – just not quite the balance of my winner at the moment.  Moved well.

3rd          Heanue-Travers & Travers Stellamaris Wish Upon A Star


1st           Turnbull Alibren Crystal Ocean – loved this bitch immediately – loved nearly everything about her.  Totally at one with her handler – happily freestood four square – a very natural show girl.  She moved with accuracy and drive.  She couldn’t have done anymore to please her handler or me!  Delighted to give her this class.

2nd          Hill Sandaula This Will Do (AI) JW – well constructed bitch – liked her overall balance and movement – just on a personal level preferred the head of my class winner. 

3rd          Husbands Chisleay Chase The Dream


Two very lovely bitches headed up this class and I was torn between both

1st           Hill Sandaula Kiss From A Rose (AI) JW –  this bitch caught my eye when she entered the ring – totally my cup of tea – loved everything about her – she completely filled my eye.  I loved her beautiful construction – with great angles and excellent reach of neck flowing into level topline.  In the challenge she worked hard and she thoroughly deserved my BITCH RESERVE CC.

2nd          Trotter Baricia Bella Donna JW – beautiful, quality, balanced bitch who I liked very much.  She pushed my class winner but she just wasn’t quite as settled – there was quite a lot going on around my ring on the day so that could have been the reason why.  I couldn’t ignore her outstanding quality and she more than deserved her second place. 

3rd          Bradley Ceilcaesar Calendar Girl


Another quality class making my choices both pleasurable and difficult

1st           Drury Gunhill Echoes Of Time Over Bencoe – really liked this young bitch – very feminine, pretty girl who has lovely conformation.  She showed well and won this class overall on her accurate and steady movement.

2nd          Haxton Dantassie Dancing Moonbeam – very pretty compact bitch, short coupled – beautifully constructed and presented in excellent condition.  I was really splitting hairs between her and my class winner.

3rd          O’Gorman Terra Di Siena Are You With Me Berrymeade (Imp Esp) JW


Lovely class where I was again very spoilt for choice –

1st           Robbins & Rowark Quakerhall Lady Bountiful By Brekswood – very pretty bitch with lovely head and expression, balanced, well constructed body with level topline.  Freestood with a very happy disposition – she moved and showed really well.

2nd          O’Gorman Thornywait Top Notch For Berrymeade JW – beautiful bitch – love her excellent reach of neck and overall construction with clean lines.  Slightly longer in body than my class winner.  Liked her very much.  Again lovely happy disposition whilst showing and on the move.

3rd          MacDonald Sh Ch Flyngalee Teppum

LIMIT (13-8)

1st           Youngson Linirgor Teachers Pet At Treeveville JW – pale coated pretty bitch who presented a lovely outline – good angulation front and rear, good reach of neck and level topline – everything in the right place and not over done in any way. 

2nd          McGuffie Milltimber Morning Breeze – pretty feminine mid gold bitch with good reach of neck and nice outline – slightly longer in body than my winner.  Presented and moved well.

3rd          Burrows Dilworthey Princess Lottie


My first three places in this class were taken by three quality bitches who I have often admired from the ringside and was honoured today to have the opportunity of judging them.  This was my choice of order on the day

1st           Rodgers Sh Ch Rojillair Evening Magic Of Odarla JW – this bitch was late into the ring but she settled immediately – I loved her.  She is not over done in any way – she is very elegant, honest and sound in her construction and movement.  It warmed my heart to see her move around the ring.    It was my pleasure to award her the BITCH CC and with the agreement of my co judge BEST OPPOSITE SEX.

2nd          Zubair Sh Ch Thornywait Cassiopeia JW – quality dark gold bitch, beautiful in outline and construction. Excellent reach of neck, lovely head with kind expression, straight front and level topline.  Very worthy champion who was unlucky to meet my class winner on the day.

3rd          Clarkson Drumkilty Lisdoonvarna JW

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